This Table Looks Like A Portal Into Eternity... And It Was Made By A 15-Year-Old

Someone please send us a few of these.

Frankly, we're a little jealous.


An Imgurian using the handle Baumstaller posted step-by-step pictures documenting the design and construction of a coffee table he made that, when lit, creates the spectacular illusion of being a doorway into an infinite chasm.

It's worth noting that Baumstaller is a high school sophomore. He was 15 when he started building this table in January.

He calls it an "Infinity Table" and it is infinitely mindblowing.

So, how'd he build a wormhole into a coffee table?

The tabletop is composed of two parts: a top frame where a two-way mirror sits...

And the main frame of the table housing the lights and a second mirror.

He wired in a power source for the lights.

The lights, hot glued to the inside frame, surround the bottom mirror.

As you'll soon see, he had the forethought to use light that change color.

Here's the table stained and ready for the top mirror to be installed.

Here it is with the lights turned off. It's stunning as is, but...

When the lights are turned on, it's hypnotic, even in pictures.

Baumstaller notes that "There's a remote where you can change the colors and also set it on a fade or rotation of colors."

The table. Has. A. Remote.

There are multiple color options.

Here's the view looking straight down "into" the table.

The two-way mirror allows you to see the reflection of the reflection of the bottom mirror. (And it took us a while to figure out how to write that sentence.)

It looks like you could climb into it.

We're not sure you even need a TV with this table.

Especially when you can do things like witness a banana disappear into multi-dimensional space.

Baumstaller took home an award for his months of hard work.

Obviously, he got a perfect score.

The Imgurian reports that the table took him from January until April to complete and cost about $435, with the mirrors costing the most money. It is not for sale.

To see the complete series of pictures and more details on how he built this table, please see his post here.

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