Girl Asks Internet To Photoshop A Pic, Gets Hilariously Trolled

So. Epic.

As always, it started innocently enough.


An Imgur user using the handle "atova" posted a picture of her and a friend on the popular photo sharing site on July 1st, innocently including this request:

"Hello! This is a picture of a girlfriend and myself. I was wondering if anyone could photoshop the background so that we are looking at something such as the beach instead of yellow grass. I don't have any sad stories to accompany the picture. I was just hoping there is someone out there with some free time willing to help out just for fun :)"

People with free time? On the internet?

That's when Imgurians did what they do best...

1. Photobomb.

2. A beautiful beach day.

3. A quiet cove.

4. Apocalypse LOL.

5. A walk in the park.

6. This one is fire.

7. Charmander.. kind of.

8. A few people actually took the request seriously.

9. But, as usual, trolls were the majority. Thankfully.

10. Remember this guy?

The trolling continued...

11. Soon, the best ideas were exhausted. It was a Photoshop wasteland.

12. Operation Mayhem was a success.

13. It got darker than this, but we'll spare you.

The OP took it all in stride and, apparently, knew what she was getting herself into.

It was a glorious moment in PS trolling.

For the 900+ responses, check out the original thread on Imgur.

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