What Happens When You Peel Off 30 Years Of Graffiti? This Imgur User Has A Stunning Answer.

"The colors represent a memory of many years of artistic and creative expression ..."

In the Netherlands city of Nijmegen, Doornroosje is considered by locals the "Graffiti Hall of Fame."


The building's walls are covered top to bottom with spray paint that dates back to at least 1984, as one particularly curious, local graffiti artist discovered recently. 

In a post on Imgur, user PaulDeGraaf answered the question "What happens when you peel off 30 years of graffiti?" with one aesthetically pleasing answer. 

It's a question he'd been asking himself for over a year after he first began to notice a peeled-off spot on Doornroosje and all the layered colors it suddenly revealed. It wasn't until two months ago, however, that "I took my nephew to show him this graffiti hotspot and peeled off a little piece for him as a souvenir," PaulDeGraaf told A Plus in an Imgur message. 

He also took home a few pieces for himself and photographed them. Because the pictures "came out beautiful," he decided to post them on Imgur, "not knowing," he said, "people would love it THAT much." 

Courtesy PaulDeGraaf
Courtesy PaulDeGraaf

Since PaulDeGraff posted on the picture-sharing site, more than 300,000 people have viewed them, including a timeline of significant political and social events that corresponded to each layer. "The colors represent a memory of many years of artistic and creative expression," he said. "Makes it kind of magical to know that it's in there somewhere — created by hundreds of people, for many years."

Courtesy PaulDeGraaf
Courtesy PaulDeGraaf

Like Technicolor tree rings, the paint layers represent the bold and dynamic life of not only the building's exterior, but also those who inhabited its interior. 


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