Get All Your Feels And Laughs Out With The 2015 Imgur Viral Cat Of The Year Awards

We're keeping these felines on loop for quite some time. Get ready to uncontrollably laugh and "aww."

We need more nip! Well, not for us.


It's for the felines you are about to meet in the Imgur 2015 Internet Cat of The Year awards.

They are so adorable and funny you'll have no choice but to want to reach through the computer screen and stick out your hand with a treat for them.

But who will take home the distinct honor of being the most viral kitty in honor of National Cat Day? There's only one proper way to do this.

Begin the countdown!

#14 - This cat may be competing with Kate Winslet at this years Oscars.

#13 - Maybe the Olympic high jump isn't for this one. Perhaps competitive eating is in his future.

#12 - Pretty sure toys are supposed to go there, right?

#11 - Hide! It's a White Walker!

#10 - That face when you're straight chillen'.

#9 - Kiss for me? Kiss for you too!

#8 - Al Gore will not like this kitty and his disinterest in recycling.

#7 - You humans and you're two legs. Think you're so special, huh?

#6 - I'm crazy? You're the one who's crazy.

#5 - Holy sh*t! How did you get up there?!

#4 - Just kill us with your cuteness, you two.

#3 - Points for being adorable, but you're really playing into the "scaredy cat" stereotype.

#2 - Who told you to be that cute?

And now, the most viral internet cat of the year. Drumroll please...

#1 - OK, so no idea what that is.. .Going to try stay totally calm... OMG RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Wow, that was a long list. Time for a cat nap.

Thanks Imgur (and cats), for bein' you and all.


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