Agency Set To Redefine Fashion Industry Standards With A Plus-Size Model Division For Men

Game-changers come in all shapes and sizes.

For the most part, anything "plus-size" is usually associated with women. 

Getting recognized as beautiful, powerful, and capable, is an uphill battle for many plus-size ladies who want to make it in the fashion industry, or simply feel good about themselves. 

But, luckily models like Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, Iskra Lawrence, and others are doing a tremendous job changing the face body of the fashion world. 

And while it's not the time to lay down arms, there's room for new challenges to be set.


The promotion of body positivity and diversity in the fashion world still misses one important point — men can be plus-size, too.

Simply Googling the term "plus-size model" reveals a clear pattern. It's hard to find a male model representing the plus-size men of this planet — but not for long.

Modeling agency IMG Models is redefining the way we think and talk about "bigger" people by launching a plus-size modeling division for men. Titled Brawn, it's meant to represent "physical strength" and empower everyday guys. 

"The body positive messaging and size diversity is something that's relevant and something that continues to be on everybody's mind. We have to extend the conversation for men," Ivan Bart, president at IMG Models, told WWD.

The first model signed with IMG Models' Brawn division is Zach Miko, a sturdy 6-foot-6, 40-inch waist guy.

He's an actor, comedian, and writer who also bartends, does carpentry, and is even an Eagle Scout.

It's true that Miko was already warmed up for the cameras after representing the "Big and Tall" clothing line by Mossimo Supply Co. for Target.

However, with IMG Models, Miko really hopes to turn the industry on its head and represent a "new era" of beauty.

(H/T: IMG Models | Vogue)


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