Up Your Photo Editing Skills With These Super Easy Apps And Tips.

Nothing like some handy dandy photo editing apps and tips.

When it comes to slayin' it on Instagram, you gotta have skills.


While we can't all be Beyoncé, there are some really easy photo editing tips and apps that will have you racking up those Likes.

First, your going to need the right apps. Luckily, Wimdu is here to save the day with some awesome ideas that you can get started with today.

Once you pick out an app to use (or multiple apps cuz why not) you're ready for some easy editing tips before you hit that share button

First, if you don't want to edit on your smartphone, there are some awesome desktop apps you can use to edit, such as Google Photos.

Once you figured out which app you want to use, you can follow these simple tips to get the most out of your photos.

Perhaps the part you'll enjoy the most, is selecting a filter for an image. By scrolling through the numerous options on apps such as Instagram, you can add a number of different effects to your photo.

With filters, you can make your images look like an extra sunny day or perhaps a moody one. You can even make the image look like a vintage photograph or perhaps bring out colors and make them pop. 

These apps offer up a number of levels of customization and basically, practice makes perfect. The only way you'll truly understand how filters can affect a photo, is to use the app and become familiar with the number of options.

From there, crop any unwanted intruders out of your image. 

One thing you want to remember when cropping, is avoid cutting people off at their joints — knees, feet, hands, fingers or elbows. 

Next, you can begin editing the saturation of the photo, or the depth of the colors. You can give your image a touch of vibrance by bringing out the blues in the sky or green in a tree, but be careful not to overdo it. On the flip side, you can tone down the colors for a different effect.

Once the colors are right, you can edit the shadows and highlights of the photo, to make sure you're bringing out all the elements of your photo. As opposed to overcompensating by adding brightness to the image, this is a good way to bring out the background of your shots.

With all of that said, get out there and get snapping.


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