9 People Bare All To Get You To Stop And Think Twice About Stereotypes

"I'm tired of the unequal opportunities I get because of my gender."

Is there anything more frustrating than people assuming things about you within one moment of looking at you? 

Stereotyping is toxic and it can become seriously exhausting for people who deal with it regularly. A new project called I'm Tired highlights the horrible impact stereotypes and microaggressions can have on people.

In the photo series, the stereotypes volunteers are tired of hearing are painted on their backs. This allows them to remain anonymous while also representing the way society labels them a certain way without knowing who they are. 


"An individual's environment is crucial in terms of how they end up viewing themselves and valuing their worth within society, which can lead to a lot of questioning and self-moderating," project co-founders Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans told Mic. "For example, while being Black and being angry are two very separate things, the stereotype of the "Black angry woman" may lead to a Black woman consciously making sure she doesn't appear "too angry" or "too argumentative," something which would have probably never occurred to her without external societal pressures."

The issues covered the range from race, gender, sexuality, diseases and physical attributes. 

If you're fed up with stereotypes you're subjected to and would like to be featured, you can get in touch with the I'm Tired project by emailing the project here

Here's what some of the people featured so far had to say: 

1. "I'm tired of people telling me just to eat more."

2. "I'm tired of being the angry Black woman."

3. "I'm tired of being told I'm too skinny for a guy."

4. "I'm tired of men thinking they have the right to catcall me."

5. "I'm tired of people being surprised by my ambition."

6. "I'm tired of people asking when I 'turned' gay."

7. "I'm tired of being perceived as aggressive."

8. "I'm tired of unequal opportunities I get because of my gender."

9. "I'm tired of my intelligence being associated with my ethnicity."

(H/T: Mic

What stereotype are you tired of being subjected to? Share in the comments. 


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