They Were Asked To Complete The Sentence 'I'm Trans, But I'm Not...' And Their Responses Say So Much


In a BuzzFeed video posted August 5 a group of people who identify as transgender were asked to elaborate what that identity meant to them. By simply completing the sentence "I'm trans, but I'm not..." they point out the stereotypes they face and defy every day. 

Here are a few of their responses:   


"I'm trans, but I'm not confused."

"your punching bag."

"just a butch woman." 

"a freak."

"I'm trans, but I'm not damaged."

"estranged from my family." 

"please your politics."


"I'm trans, but I'm not going to hell."

"desperate for attention."

"your fetish."

"I'm trans, but I'm not tricking men into having sex with me... I don't have to."

"I'm trans, but I'm not to be played with."

"the best of both worlds." 

"not ashamed." 

The participants were then asked "What are you in addition to being trans?"

They completed the sentence "I'm trans, and..." with answers like: 

"I'm a family man." 

"I'm a DJ" 

"I love to travel." 

"I'm trans, and I collect comic books."

"I'm not perfect."

"I'm a proud Latina woman."

"I'm worthy of love." 

"I'm just trying to figure things out like everybody else."

"I'm happy." 

Watch the full video below:

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