Children Design Toys For Other Children And The Whole Thing Is Priceless

What an incredible idea.

Plenty of brands turn popular cartoons, movies, and book characters into tangible toys kids can play with.

But how often does the child's imagination get to dictate the toys they own?

Ikea rallied up kids from all around the world and asked them to submit a sketch of their dream soft toys. 

Then, the company turned 10 of the sketches into real-life toys — made by kids, for kids.


In a video explaining the 2015 project, product developer Bodil Fritjofsson explains the process behind taking the sketches and perfecting their real-life beings within the Indonesian factories where they're made. 

And once they're produced, Adweek explains that "for each toy purchased, Ikea will donate one euro to children's education projects via Unicef and Save the Children."

"It's like children helping children," Fritjofsson adds in the video.

Morevoer, in the video, the kids-turned-designers get to see their sketches as 3D toys come to life.

Their reactions are priceless.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: AdWeek)


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