IKEA's Concept For A Table In The Year 2025 Will Make You So Excited For The Future

Straight out of a sci-fi movie.

In the year 2025 a table might just be smarter than you. That's right — a table. 

But the idea doesn't sound that farfetched considering the rate technology is currently moving. Yup, in 10 years it seems like anything might be possible, even a table that helps you figure out dinner, and gives you recipe ideas — which is precisely what the team behind Concept Kitchen 2025 projects. 

Concept Kitchen 2025 is IKEA's collaboration with IDEO and design students at the School of Industrial Design at Lund University and the Industrial Design department at Eindhoven University of Technology. Together, they imagine what the world of 2025 will look like, and what design concepts (specifically in the kitchen) will make sense for that world. 

In a video, IKEA shows us their concept for the table of the future, and it looks like something straight out of science fiction — or that Disney channel original movie Smart House that you probably only remember if you were born in the '90s. 

In the video, the narrator explains the table of 2025 will use a camera to observe what's physically placed on the table, and related graphics will be projected onto the surface. 


"Explore creative flavor combinations. Get suggestions on what to cook based on what you already have at home."

The table of the future isn't just for dining. It is, as IKEA puts it, "a table for living" that  can serve multiple purposes, like workbench, play area for kids, and preparation surface. But when it comes to cooking, this table is top notch and is able to analyze each ingredient and give advice on how to best prepare them. 

Oh yeah, it also functions as a stove. 

"Place your pan on the table, and set the temperature to sear. Set your temperature to boil, and the timer will start."

The table is a social tool as well, allowing you to interact with friends and family while you cook.  

"Be inspired by friends and family. Record and play back cooking sessions."

All in all, it seems the table of the future can help make even the most kitchen-incompetent person a pretty damn good chef.

Watch the video below to see exactly how the table of 2025 works:

After seeing the video, you'll totally understand why this table idea is going viral.

MRW a picture of a table makes it to the front page.


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