Kids Were Asked To Write Two Letters: One To Santa, The Other To Their Parents. What They Reveal Will Make You Sob.

"All I want for Christmas is...?"

We all know Christmas is a special time for children. It's a time of magic and dreams coming true. 

We also know it can be a little overwhelming for parents to grant their kids' Christmas wishes, especially when their lists include things like pianos and unicorns. But are these material gifts really what they want?

IKEA Spain invited 10 families to participate in an eye-opening experiment and find out what the perfect Christmas gift is once and for all. 


The clip documenting the experiment was created by advertising agency McCann Spain under the original title "La Otra Carta," or, "The Other Letter." It features children age four to nine and, according to the producers, is entirely "real and unscripted."

IKEA's winter campaign includes a minute-long heartfelt commercial titled "The Other Christmas", which also reminds us that it's not about the big, expensive gifts that makes people happy. 

The video is guaranteed to make you tear up.

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