Mr. Night Takes A Day Off In This Clever Video, But He's Anxious To Get Back To Work

Some people just love their jobs.

We're big fans of animation here at A Plus, from fun, innovative visuals to tear-jerking short features.

And a new clip is no exception, though it made us wonder something: Where does the night go when the morning dawn cracks in the early hours of the day?

Well, it turns out "Mr. Night" lives a very full life, but he longs to do what he does best: to make things darker in preparation for nightfall.

Night gets personified in a short-short film produced by Lithuania-based animator Ignas Meilunas, where we see Mr. Night running around a town and transforming things from day-lit to dark. 

"Why the night is changing the day? When you don't like something, you change it," Meilunas wrote in the video's description. "A zero budget short story i was asked to do by 'Nuits en Or 2016 festival. Done in 21 day in Summer 2016. Shot in Vilnius, Lithuania."

The joy of Mr. Night is so artfully conveyed in Meilunas' clip, as he smiles with sheer joy upon turning a brown dog black, and then does the same with coffee, cars, and even buildings. It's an engaging and exciting effort from Meilunas, who has made other videos for other campaigns, including one related to the game Angry Birds.


Check out the fun clip below:


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