The Personal Reason Iggy Azalea Wants To Give High Schoolers Back-To-School Clothes

"I want everyone feeling bomb first day back."

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea wants every high schooler to feel confident on their first day back to school this year. That's why she recently shared her plan to gift students at select high schools with new outfits from Fashion Nova. Billboard points out that Azalea has partnered with the brand in the past.


She tweeted her idea on Sunday in order to hold herself to it, saying she hoped to find a few "deserving" schools with which to work. She also recalled her own experience trying to find new clothes on a budget when she was younger, saying she used to shop at thrift stores and sew sequins on the items herself "to make it look better."

Azalea said she had a meeting with Fashion Nova on Monday, and the idea was at the top of her "agenda." She said she wants "everyone feeling bomb first day back," adding that it would be "cool as fuck to do."

A user reminded her that many students in California return to school in mid-August, which Azalea said was "perfect." When another fan wondered why she was focusing on California, she explained that "you have to start somewhere."

Many fans praised Azalea for her generosity, and some even suggested high schools they believe are the perfect fit. Hopefully, she can see her plan through and give some deserving students the chance to feel great as they head into the new semester.

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