If People Were Sentimental In Real Life Like They Are On Facebook, Their Ridiculousness Would Be Exposed Instantly

Face palm.

We've all seen them. You know, those random Facebook statuses that emerge on your feed all too often that say something like, "OMG I am so thankful for my family and friends for helping me get through this phase of my life. It's been hard, but with all your support, I was able to come out the other side so much stronger. All the love has meant the world to me XOXOXOXXOXOX." 

OK. Nobody asked for your "unwarranted acceptance speech on Facebook," as CollegeHumor puts it in their latest video, titled "If People Were Sentimental Like They Are On Facebook." In the video, a guy says those ridiculous statuses out loud, in real life settings. And the moment he opens his mouth, you already know just how weird he's going to sound. So why should things be different on an online platform? 

Remember, people, if it sounds weird when you say it out loud, don't say it in real life OR ON FACEBOOK. Do yourself, and all of us, a favor and heed this lesson. We beg you. 



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