What It Looks Like When People Leave A Party The Way They Leave Facebook

It's funny cause it's true.

Social media isn't perfect and we all have our moments of frustration with it. For those who become totally disenchanted, they have the option of leaving. 

Yep, all they have to do is simply delete their account. But hilariously, some people just can't seem to leave it at that.


We've all had that online friend who feels the need to write up a long, dramatic status informing all of Facebook of their plans to leave the site. 

It's almost as if they're the lead singer of a pop band making a formal announcement of their decision to go solo. Except nobody cries, responds with outrage, or passes out from distress. In fact, their statement doesn't usually draw much attention at all.  . 

Our reaction is more likely to be annoyance or mild amusement as the departing friend cites a laundry list of pretentious reasons for leaving. 

What it boils down to is that basically they're a better person than us and don't we wish we were them instead of our shameful, social media-loving selves? Um, nope. 

When the person finally gets around to actually deleting their account, disappointment and regret set in. After all, who are they going to make all their big, dramatic life announcements to now?

After a few weeks, that same friend announces "I'm back." All is forgiven because, after all, they did slightly entertain us with their status theatrics.

Watch the hilarious, spot-on depiction of "that friend" by College Humor. 

When you share, hopefully "that friend" will see it and recognize themselves. 


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