What If Men Had Periods? This Hashtag Sparked A Discussion In An Unexpected Fashion.

Many are talking about how it excludes trans men.

On Monday night, a conversation that envisioned a world in which cis-men had periods began on Twitter under the hashtag #IfMenHadPeriods. 

It first began when ob-gyn and writer Dr. Jen Gunther unleashed a string of tweets about periods in general, included one that particularly resonated with people. "If men had periods pads would be free," she tweeted.


It inevitably sparked a thread where people discussed how different things would be if men menstruated. They hypothesized that abortion would be less controversial, medicine addressing period symptoms would be more widespread and effective, and company policies would take periods into account. 

Though the hashtag caught on quickly, it was also partly because many pointed out that it was transphobic for ignoring the fact that many trans men menstruate too. 

While it's likely that Gunther did not intend for the hashtag to court such controversy, it does show the importance of intersectionality and the changing nature of our discussion on gender and sexuality.

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Video via Jamie Dodger.

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