Artist Photoshops Herself Into Her Mother's Old Photos To Show What It'd Look Like If They Grew Up Together

What it would look like to grow up with your mother.

When daughters see photos of their mothers from way back when, they gasp at the different fashion style and/or wonder what it'd be like to know them. Art Director Danielle Delph thought the latter. 

"I've always wondered if my mom and I would have been friends had we grown up together," she wrote in a blog post called "If I Had Known My Mother Back Then," which consists of 6 photographs of two girls in various stages of their lives. Those girls were Danielle and her mother. 

To create a visual of what it'd be like to grow up with her mother, Delph collected old images of her mother, #tbt style, and carefully photoshopped images of herself into them. 

"I tried different juxtapositions in photoshop trying to tell the story of two little girls growing up together," she told A+ in an email. "I was surprised at how natural the interactions worked out."

Although she didn't see her mother's reaction to the photos in person — they're 3 hours apart time-zone wise — Delph said her mom found them to be special. "All she wants for Christmas are the photos printed and framed, so she can hang them up and look at them whenever she wants," Delph told A+.

Two memories in one photo that will last a lifetime. Can't get a better gift than that. 

Check out the photos of Delph and her mother below.


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