These iDummy Mannequins Move And Groove Into Different Body Sizes And Shapes

"The fashion industry needs to keep up."

Women come in all shapes and sizes. So why is it that, for the most part, all mannequins look the same?

Whether designers are building sample sizes on mannequins, or consumers are shopping styles that only look good on a one-mannequin-fits-all body, it becomes difficult to see or create customizable looks on today's mannequins.

But now, Polytechnic University's Institute of Textiles and Clothing in Hong Kong has developed the iDummy — a programmable, shifting mannequin that can change its measurements from a U.S. size 2 through a size 12.


Allan Chan, a professor at the institute, tells that "the average body size of clothing customers is constantly shifting ... and the fashion industry needs to keep up."

And though the mannequins are pricey, it is for this reason, among others, that companies could benefit from purchasing the iDummy — rather than constantly purchase new ones and throw out the old, this one iDummy could do.

Moreover, Smithsonian lists Chan's three uses for the dummy: first, for brands to design for all body types; second, designers could design custom pieces based off of a consumer's own guidelines; third, retail stores could use the shifting mannequins to show off looks for all sizes. 

In a video for the "smart dummy," viewers can observe how an iDummy user can choose a "preset config" or adjust their own based off of bust, waist, hip and other measurements. 

With that, the incredible mannequin adjusts itself from all angles — quickly and efficiently. In one part of the video, the mannequin sports a single dress, but shifts within it. With this capability, perhaps a person could see how their own body would look in the dress prior to purchase, too.

Between promoting the presentation of all body sizes to becoming an economically-friendly option for designers and companies, we think this iDummy is another positive tool for the fashion industry.

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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