Idris Elba And Jimmy Fallon Sing A Touching Duet Using Chipmunk Voices

So moving.

Idris Elba has lent his iconic deep voice to a few animated characters in movies like Zootopia and The Jungle Book, but Tuesday night on The Tonight Show he tried out something a little bit squeakier in a game ofBox of Microphones with Jimmy Fallon.

The game involves exactly what you'd expect — a box of microphones. Each one has a different vocal effect, to make Idris and Jimmy's song covers extra silly.

Idris kicks things off with a performance of "Panda" by Desiigner. This version of the song should really be called "Chipmunk," because that's what Idris sounds like thanks to his choice of the green microphone.

Next up is Jimmy with his rendition of "One Dance" by Drake

"This is my favorite color," Jimmy jokes as he chooses the pink microphone. The mic goes on to defy stereotypes by giving him an extra deep voice.


But the magic really begins when Idris and Jimmy perform a duet of "Endless Love."

In this round, the microphones cycle through a few different effects, including some robotic auto-tune voices. But ultimately they end up back at the chipmunk voices for a moving conclusion that would make Alvin, Simon and Theodore very proud.

Watch the entire squeak-tacular performance in the video below:


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