These 2-Year-Old Identical Twins Reenacting A Classic 'Frozen' Scene Are Already Cooler Than All of Us

Your heart's gonna melt.

All over the world, hearts have melted over a viral video of identical 2-year-old twins Maddie and Scarlett Jordan reenacting the snowman-making scene from Disney's Frozen.

Posted to their mother, Colleen Jordan's, Facebook on Monday, March 27, the adorable video has since received more than 45 million views and 365,000 likes.


One might say their popularity has snowballed, and it's ice crystal clear to see why:

This beginning scene is the twins' favorite from the movie, Jordan told local news station, Fox 29. "Every time it's on, they get their pillow and they get ready and they act out the scene," she said, adding that Maddie always plays Elsa, the older sister, while Scarlett reprises her role as Anna. 

The twins had been reenacting the scene for months when, on a whim, Jordan decided to take a video and share it online with friends, family, and what turned out to be a few million Frozen fans. "I just decided to get my camera out to see if they, you know, they do it, and they did," she explained. "And I just posted it, didn't expect it to get so many hits ... We're just shocked." 

The response to the video has been positive, several calling the dynamic duo's routine "so sweet," "funny," and "too cute to handle." Besides Frozen, the twins also like to recreate a scene from  Mickey's Pirate Adventure, so there could be a sequel in these mini-celebs' future. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post


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