Icelandic Men Shake Their Booties In The Most Epic Way To Raise Colon Cancer Awarness

Shake that bootie, boy.

Knowing how to shake your bootie is a great skill to have. And why shouldn't we shake our bottoms every way we can with the sole purpose of having fun?

The Icelandic men in the video below look like they're having a great time boogying their assets off. But it's more than just about having fun.

The video was released by a cancer awareness campaign called Mottu Mars. "Mottu" is an Icelandic slang word for mustache and "Mars" stands for March, so "Mottu Mars" essentially means "March of Mustaches". 

"Every year in March there is a cancer awareness program in Iceland aimed at men, similar to the 'Movember' month," explains the official YouTube channel of Mottu Mars. "This year a stellar cast of icelandic actors dance their asses off to promote colon cancer awareness."

Oh boy, they sure do.


Oh yeah.


Moving that bottom.

Dancing it off.

Watch the entire bootie shaking video below. It's really quite something.

According to the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is the third most popular cancer in the US, however regular cancer screening is "one of the most powerful weapons." So as the video puts it, "save your ass."

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