Ice Cube Tells Jimmy Kimmel The Dating Advice He Gave To 'The Bachelor'

"You want lobster, huh? I'm thinking Burger King."

Since bursting onto the rap scene in the mid-1980s, Ice Cube has gone on to become a producer, actor, and even started his own clothing line. There may be one more occupation Cube can add to his byline: relationship guru ... or not.

On a recent trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel brought up the fact that Cube has been doing a ton of promotion for his new movie, Ride Along 2. In addition to helping Conan O'Brien give driving lessons, the former N.W.A. star appeared on The Bachelor to give Ben Higgins some pointers about how to date 25 women at the same time. 

To be fair, dating is tricky and even the most well-intentioned attempts can end up in failure, so Cube brought Higgins to the store to stock up on provisions that Higgins might need while finding out which girl is right for him.

"Ice Cube's trying to get me to buy condoms and hard liquor," Higgins said in the clip. "I think Ice Cube and I might have different styles when it comes to first dates."

After the clip, Kimmel reminded Cube that he's always had pretty alternative views on what romance is all about, reading lyrics from Ice Cube's contribution to N.W.A.'s "I Ain't Tha 1."

Considering Ice Cube has been married to the same woman for more than 20 years, you can't fault him too much for being so, so wrong.

Check out the hilarious video here:


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