Flaming Islamophobe Gets Kicked Out Of An Ice Cream Parlor For Being An Awful Human

He told the Muslim women, "I don't want them near my country."

When Nura Takkish went to Andrew's Ice Cream and Desserts in Orange, Calif., for some ice cream with her friends, she didn't expect the outing to take a shockingly nasty turn. But thanks to a flaming Islamophobe who came into the store after the three women, it did. 


The man was initially being helped by an employee, Jesse, when Takkish and her friends noticed that he was talking about them. "By the way he was speaking and glancing at us, but I tried to just ignore it," she told A Plus. Takkish felt the tension between him and Jesse, but didn't catch the conversation. 

"When he left, Jesse came over to our table and apologized, saying she's sorry we had to hear that," Takkish said. "I told her I didn't hear what he said and she said never mind, and that it was just some ignorance."

But the man came back into the ice cream parlor to complain that Jesse had gotten his order wrong, then "pointed at our table and said it was 'because of them,' " Takkish said.

At that point, the store owner told the man to take his business elsewhere — which is where the video begins.

"I don't want them near my country," the man says in the video, as one of the staffers walks him to the door. Takkish replies, "Too bad, we're here, sucks for you."


The owner of the ice cream parlor then called the police and reassured the women that anyone who isn't nice wasn't welcome in the store. "We were very touched by her reaction and we hugged it out," Takkish said. 

Save for the video evidence of the situation, these sort of incidents are unfortunately not all that uncommon for Takkish and her friends. "This isn't the first time. Unfortunately, it's been more prevalent recently," she told A Plus. "Last Ramadan, my sister and I were walking in hijab and a man on our street yelled at us from across the street to 'take those rags off your heads.' "

Since donning the hijab and being visibly Muslim, Takkish said that she's encountered her share of bigotry. And this election, with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee — having called for a complete (but temporary) ban on Muslims entering the United States — it has been harder on Muslims, Takkish said.

"We have candidates who are openly making prejudice statements about Muslims and Islam, which seems to give people the idea that it's OK to say things like 'I want them out of my country,' " she said. "It adds fuel to the fire. I do hope whoever becomes president is a person who advocates for peace, equality, and respect for all people."


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