If These 6 'OITNB' Characters Were Ice Cream Flavors, This is What They'd Be

Laverne Cox now has her own flavor, but doesn't every Litchfield inmate deserve one as well?

Every year during Pride month, the San Francisco-based company Three Twins Ice Cream releases a few limited-edition flavors honoring LGBT activists and celebrating queer culture. This year, Three Twins created an ice cream inspired by OITNB's Laverne Cox. Cox is the first transgender woman to be nominated for an Emmy and to appear on the cover of Time magazine. She's a trailblazer and she deserves every honor she gets. But the announcement got us thinking: what other characters on Orange is the New Black deserve ice cream flavors? Let the puns begin!

Three Twins named Cox's flavor Laverne Cox's Chocolate Orange is the New Black, and the company describes the flavor as "chocolate ice cream with an orange flair and flecks of dark chocolate," according to its website. Sounds sweet to us!

Here are our choices for ice cream flavors inspired by Litchfield's finest:


Red's Russian Red Velvet

A flavor as vibrant as her hair, Red's Russian Red Velvet is a vodka-infused red velvet ice cream, mixed with candy from her connection on the Outside.

'Crazy' Suzanne's Pecan Swirl

Chocolate and vanilla (what else?), plus tasty bits of toasted pecan for an added crunch.

Nicky's Sticky Marshmallow S'more Ice Cream

Just like Nicky, this ice cream — made with graham cracker bits and gooey marshmallow fluff swirled into vanilla ice cream — is cold on the outside but sweet underneath

Soso Good Vegan Sorbet

We'd end a hunger strike to get our hands on this (ethically made organic) goodness.

Piper's Spicy Jalapeño Special

Not for the faint of heart.

You can top it all off with Alex Vause Chocolate Sauce

We did warn you about those puns ...

Images: Netflix


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