This Kid Is On A Mission To Spread Love By Petting 'At Least One Million Dogs'

So far, the 9-year-old has pet over 300 furry friends.

One little boy named Gideon Kidd loves petting dogs so much, he decided to share his love with the world. At 9 years old, Kidd has pet more than 300 dogs, and, according to TODAY, his goal is to pet "at least one million dogs." 

The fourth-grader from Cedar Falls, Iowa started his website  I've Pet That Dog! in September 2016 to share photos of the dogs he pets and spread the love for animals. According to his website, his favorite breed is a Chihuahua and he personally owns two gerbils, three cats, and a dog named Walter.

His mother, Rachel Braunigan acts as his photographer, and helped him create a Twitter account to draw more attention to the project. This idea clearly worked because Kidd's Twitter account currently has nearly 55,000 followers.


Along with each photo is a short caption by Kidd about the dog's personality and story. 

Braunigan, told TODAY that she was shocked, but not surprised, at the mass response her son's project is receiving. "It's simple and it's sweet," she told the publication. "It's obviously a child that's doing this. There's no ulterior motive, there's no gimmick. Here's the dog I met, here's a little bit about that dog, look at my picture. That's it."

His Twitter page has nearly doubled in numbers since he created it. Ned Pyle, a principal program manager at Microsoft, even tweeted out his story with a promise to his followers that if they followed Kidd, they would at least see one good tweet a day. 

"I never thought it would be anywhere near this big. It's pretty incredible," Braunigan told TODAY. "Gideon's excited about it, but I don't think he understands the scope of it."

Kidd said he hopes people walk away loving dogs a little bit more.

"I want them to come away with, 'Oh, man, I really want to pet some dogs right now,' Kidd said. 

We also hope Kidd's project inspires more love and appreciation for animals. But, remember, before petting any animal, be sure to ask the owner's permission first as not every pet may be comfortable with strangers. 


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