Women Reveal The Reasons Why Feminism Is So Important

"Because I got catcalled while walking to this photoshoot."

"Artists play a significant role in both influencing and representing the cultural narrative."

That sentiment, told to A Plus by Rhode Island School of Design Feminist Organization President Moriah Benton, is why the group decided they needed to wield that power in a creative but eye-opening way, this time when it came to changing the perception people have about feminism. 

With "feminism" still considered by some a "dirty word," the RISD Feminists wanted to make it clear that the movement is still very much needed. So the group, whose primary mission is to get people talking about the impact of identity, decided to use a photo series to do just that. 

They asked women to finish the phrase "I need feminism because ..." on a white board and hold them up themselves. From still being catcalled to body censorship and standards, their answers definitely proved we're still a ways away from a completely inclusive and equal society. 

But Benton had another reason for asking people to share their stories. Not only did she hope the photos would engage people with the necessity of feminism, but also show women, and those who identify as such, that they're not alone in their experiences. 

"I also want individuals in my community to know that they matter and their voices are valued by other people on campus and beyond," she said. 

Take a look for yourself. 


(H/T: Huffington Post)


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