His Letter To Her Will Break Your Heart. Is This What It Means To Love Someone Forever?

This is just perfect.

"It's so strange to think that someone I knew so well is now a total stranger to me."


So says the unnamed narrator in Australian filmmaker Nick L'Barrow's short film "I Miss You." 

Directed by Anton Sheptooha and L'Barrow, "I Miss You" is based on Moonfruit Comic's "Reasons." With heartbreaking cinematography and perfectly-paced narration, the film examines the aftermath of a breakup, viewed through a nostalgic lens that follows a relationship's beginning in love at first sight to its eventual ending.

The result is a piece of breathtakingly honest filmmaking that evokes exactly what it is like to miss someone. 

That's what makes art like this good: it affirms human experience and validates the things we share and struggle and cope with. 

Good art makes us say, "I've felt the same way: I just didn't know how to express it." 


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For more from Nick L'Barrow, please visit his YouTube channel. You can also follow him on Twitter. Tell him to keep making beautiful films. 

Edit: A lot of people have been asking about the song at the end credits. The song is called "All the good things (get lost together). It was written by Misha Rouyanian and performed by Ed Stewart. You can get it on Soundcloud here.


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