This YouTube Couple Created An Animated Video Of Their First Date, And It's Adorably Relatable

"Oh my god, I’m so nervous right now. I don’t even know what’s going on in this movie."

While many couples have memorable first date stories, one popular YouTube couple, Tiffany Garcia (IHasCupquake) and her hsuband Mario Herrara (known as "Red" on Garcia's channel), made sure they'd never forget the beginning of their love story by immortalizing their first date in an animated video (below). Not only are their cartoon selves adorable, but the feelings they have about each other are adorably relatable to couples and singletons alike. 


After meeting on MySpace and talking on AOL Instant Messenger for a few weeks, the couple decided to go on their first date IRL. "Aw, first dates. There's nothing like getting ready, feeling those butterflies in your tummy, and hoping you don't make a fool out of yourself," Garcia says in the beginning of the video. Not only was this the couple's first date, but this was the first first date Garcia's parents allowed her to go on. 

After getting dropped off at the movie theater by her mom, Garcia glanced around for Herrera. 

"I remember how nervous I was — incredibly nervous. To the point where my hands were sweating so much, and I was afraid to hold her hands," Herrera recalls. After learning their original movie choice was sold out, the duo bought movie tickets to Anaconda, grabbed some popcorn and a soda, before sitting down in the theater. 

That's when the first date jitters seriously start to kick in. "As the movie was playing, the whole time I was thinking to myself, 'Oh my god, I'm so nervous right now. I don't even know what's going on in this movie. Can I hold his hand? ... "

"And over on my side," Herrera adds. "I remember thinking, " ... Her hand's there. I'm going for it. I did it! I got her hand." Then, Garcia internally squealed with high-pitched glee. "I was very excited," she says now. 

Building off his newfound sense of dating confidence, Herrera reached his arm around her and then, about twenty minutes into the movie, went in for a first kiss. "Rejected!" he remembers. According to Garcia, "it wasn't a romantic moment" for her, and she wanted to make him work for it. So she looked away and focused on eating her popcorn. About an hour later, he tried again, leaning in a precise 90 percent of the way. Garcia covered the other 10 percent and ... success! Though the couple's date didn't end there, the rest, they say, is history. 

Perhaps the best thing about first dates is that, whether they lead to a lifetime of love or some more love for the single life, there's always a good story to tell. That's why this is just one of many stories anyone, regardless of their current relationship status, can relate to and appreciate. 


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