'I Am Cait' Promo Is Here & Caitlyn Jenner Is As Beautiful As Ever — VIDEO

"I'm the new normal."

Caitlyn Jenner's debut on the cover of Vanity Fair marked a milestone in American society, and truly showed us the meaning of "breaking the Internet." But her public transformation continues, this time in the form of a documentary miniseries on E! on Wednesday, two days after her stunning reveal, the promo for "I Am Cait" was released, and it's refreshingly honest and inescapably heartbreaking. 

The short video shows Jenner putting on makeup and carefully applying lipgloss in front of a mirror, telling the camera about the difference in having a professional do her makeup. "You go through all this stuff," Jenner says, powdering her face, "and you start to realize the pressure that women are under all the time about their appearance."

According to E!, "I Am Cait" will document Jenner's transition and its impact on her and those around her, so expect to see some Kardashians making appearances.

Watching the promo, it's hard to avoid thinking of the hardships Jenner herself went through for most of her life. "Isn't it great that someday you'll be normal? Just blend into society," she says. When someone in the background responds that she is normal, Jenner says, smiling: "Put it this way: I'm the new normal."


The show will premiere on July 26 at 9 p.m. on E!, consisting of eight hour-long episodes.


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