This Girl's Message To Her Dad Can Be Seen From Space

The biggest "I love you."

This is 13-year-old Stephanie from Houston. Her father lives and works at the International Space Station. Separated by 250 vertical miles, the two really miss each other.


Automaker Hyundai decided to do what they could to make them feel closer together. They asked Steph to write a short, heartfelt message to her dad.

Using a fleet of Genesis cars, they carved "Steph ♥'s You" into the sand of the Nevada desert. The message was so big, it could be seen from space.

It took 11 cars to inscribe the message on the state's Delamar Dry Lake. Each letter line was 98 feet wide and the entire message spanned across more than 59 million square feet. Guinness World Records recognized it as the largest tire track image ever made.

Hyundai's video features a shot of Stephanie's dad holding a camera displaying the photographed message on the International Space Station.

It is so wonderful to see how modern technology enables people to stay in touch with their loved ones, even if one of them is standing firmly on the ground while the other floats freely in space.

Watch the full video below.

(H/T: Adweek, Guinness World Records)

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