What A Husband's Heart Rate Looks Like Throughout The Wedding Ceremony

He says reciting his vows was the easiest part.

Devices that track heart rate can be beneficial to reaching fitness goals, but many people have found other significant uses for the feature. One person used his exercise monitoring device to document his heart rate during the important moment he came out as gay to his father. Another got a tattoo of his mother's last recorded heart rate before she passed away so that a part of her would be with him always. 

Recently, a newlywed used his FitBit to capture something the wedding photographer couldn't. He hid the device under his shirt cuff as it recorded how his heart rate changed throughout the ceremony. He later matched the rates up to significant moments throughout the wedding using photos and used Plotly, a data visualization tool, to showcase it. The result was shared on Reddit


"I definitely felt pretty faint a few times...emotional day!" the Reddit user atinyhorse wrote

His heart rate spiked highest when he had to break the glass in front of everyone. "It may have taken me two attempts ..." he shared on Reddit. His heart rate was also high as he kissed the bride as well as when he listened to her vows. Saying his own vows wasn't too bad, though. "That was definitely the easiest part," he wrote on Reddit. "I knew what I was going to say and it probably the most natural part of the whole event. Plus I was speaking to my wife and not the audience."

Who knew data could be so damn romantic? 

Cover image via BallBall14 / Shutterstock


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