This Man Has Been Writing His Precious Wife A Love Note ... Every Day For The Past 40 Years

They call it their 'love archive.'

Romance comes in all shapes and sizes.

For Kris Bresnan, it comes in the form of 10,000 handwritten paper notes handed to her every day for the past 40 years.

The beloved wife has been receiving daily love letters from her husband, Bill Bresnan, ever since they first met back in 1974. Whether it was a scribble on the back of a newspaper or an actual love card, Bill always had something beautiful to say to his Mrs.


'My love: Thank you for being YOU and loving ME,' reads one of the notes dated Dec. 2, 1989.

And what about Kris? Well, she was so taken by the romantic gesture that she started organizing all of Bill's love notes by date. Forty years in the making, they now take up whopping 25 boxes.

The couple is now screening their collection, trying to pick the ones that are suitable for passing on to their four children and the ones that are only for their eyes to see.

Will their tradition continue? Well, judging from Bill's interview with CBS New York, he'll do his best to keep it alive:

"As I get older and older, my biggest fear is the day I forget to give it to her," Mr. Bresnan says.

Watch this video to learn more about their incredible love story:


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