Devoted Husband Pens 10,000 Love Letters To His Wife — One For Every Day They've Been Married

Now that's love.

In Nicholas Sparks' "The Notebook," the leading man Noah (played by Ryan Gosling in the film adaptation) writes to his love, Allie (played by Rachel McAdams in the movie), every day for a year to win her affection. 

Bill Bresnan just topped that.

The Toms River, NJ resident and radio host has written 10,000 love letters — on paper, cards, and even napkins — to his wife Kirsten every day of their marriage. Bresnan wrote an op-ed about the longstanding tradition on the news site My Central Jersey, explaining that the notes first began as messages scribbled on napkins that they'd pass to one another after meeting in 1974, and flowered as time went on:

"The same napkins and notes developed at lunches and dinners later on. It was about this time, in the mid to late 1970s, that I started to send her periodic, funny cards as well as post cards from the various cities at which I was training other students at their own brokerage offices."

He continued by saying that he signs every letter with "'I love you madly++, my Darling," followed by an infinity sign.

The notes have become a scrapbook of their memories, which Bresnan says is just the beginning of their love for one another.

"We eat by candlelight every night with romantic music playing in the background; every good night kiss is followed by I love you, the morning ones, too," he wrote. 

People in love, are you taking notes?


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