Watch This Crafty Dad Surprise His Wife By Telling Her She's Pregnant

"If you ever worried that life would be a bore, put that fear aside... you are now a mommy of four!"

After giving birth to three sons, Tim and Rachel Brummel, were done having kids ... or so they thought.


In a plot twist straight out of a wacky sitcom, Tim Brummel learned his vasectomy procedure didn't take ... only after his wife started acting "a little bit pregnant." According to Brummel, his wife was often tired, ate more than usual, and even felt nauseous — like she had during her previous pregnancies. "We joked about it but we knew she couldn't be pregnant," he said in a YouTube video. "Then it dawned on us that we never got the test results from my five month checkup." After a quick call to the doctor, Brummel's suspicions were confirmed.

Once Brummel learned a pregnancy was possible, "I knew I had to try something," he told A Plus via email. 

By disabling their toilet and waiting for Rachel to use the bathroom, Brummel was able to grab a sample for a pregnancy test. "I did not even know if it would work," he said. "I barely slept the night before as I tried to think through how to make sure I could take the test, and then, if she was pregnant how to tell her. I was also super nervous that she would find out and ruin the surprise." 

Luckily, he pulled off the sneak attack pregnancy test without a hitch ... and sure enough, it was positive.

Taking advantage of this unique opportunity, Brummel wanted to make the surprise announcement as special as possible. The next day, while Rachel was out a baby shower, he bought some flowers and made a card that read, "To my baby mama / If you ever worried / that life would be a bore / put that fear aside / you are now a mommy of four." 

Between the card and the flowers, Tim hid the pregnancy test. 

When Rachel came home and stumbled upon the surprise, she thought Tim was kidding.

He wasn't.

The couple decided to keep their unexpected bundle of joy under wraps until they knew the sex of the newest addition to their family. "It was tough to not spill the news to people. Rachel especially had a difficult time," he said. Even so, she succeeded in keeping the news from everyone, except the two people who knew her just as well as Tim. "Rachel's mom ended up asking her straight up, and at first she lied, but then felt bad so she fessed up," Brummel explained. 

Once the rest of their family did find out, however, everyone was "shocked and excited." Their three sons were no exception, though their oldest, Jackson, was hoping for a little sister. When the Brummels learned they'd be having another son, Jackson was less than thrilled. "He still really wants a sister," Brummel told A Plus. "But we told him we will adopt a girl." The couple hopes to do that one day, but right now, they're simply focused on raising the big family they already have. "Our priorities are to get the second oldest night trained and get the youngest walking," he added. "Then our lives will be a little easier." 

Since posting to YouTube on August 19, the Brummels' video has received nearly 250,000 views.

 "We have been blown away by how many people find this interesting, and we have been extremely entertained by all of the comments," Brummel said. "We are not trying to get famous or anything. Although, we would not hate it if we ended up on Ellen!" 

If "three's company" and "four's a crowd," the Drummels prove that six (at least!) make a family. 

Watch all the crazy pregnancy shenanigans unfold below:


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