The Internet Offers Valuable Advice To Husband On How To Help His Pregnant Wife After She Gives Birth

Making her dinner will mean a lot.

Following the birth of a child, new parents generally have their jobs cut out for them. Obvious tasks like feeding and bathing the baby are shared, but how does one handle everyday chores, or dealing with visitors who want to see the newest member of their family?


When the husband of Redditor Bibliotreka asked what kind of "stuff" he could take care of after their baby was born, she turned to the Internet for suggestions. 

In a Reddit post, she asked "Veteran moms: what are the most helpful things your SO took care of for you the 1st [sic] month after baby?" To clarify, she added, "Due date is march 9th, Hubby has 5 weeks PTO and has asked me to put together a list of 'stuff' that he can take care of for me while we adjust to having a tiny human dependant [sic] on us for everything. What were the biggest helpers during this time? This will be our first child, we have one dog, and are planning on BF [breastfeeding], but we may have hubby take a night time feed with a bottle of BM [breastmilk]."

The Internet did not hesitate to deliver some best practices. 

1. Bring her food.

An overwhelming number of people advised the mom-to-be to have her husband bring her food. "Food for him and me. He'd even feed me while I was breastfeeding, which was pretty funny," wrote one Redditor. "I usually cook, though he's perfectly capable, but having food just show up in front of me without having to do anything was a huge help."

2. Entertain visitors.

One veteran mom described how after the first three weeks she was tired of seeing visitors, especially since breastfeeding took a lot out of her. Another mom shared how her husband let anyone wishing to "drop by" know that they could truly only drop by. 

3. Take care of diaper duty.

Redditor AshLegend, put in plain and simple, "I was in charge of input, he was in charge of output (diapers, burping)."

4. Run to the grocery store.

Having a newborn means things like running to the grocery store are no longer quick and easy. Although some suggested that if you couldn't let your husband shop for food, it was OK, and highly recommended, he stay at home with the baby. This way you could get out of the house and get in a little alone time.

5. Take out the trash.

Something as simple as taking out the trash may not sound like much, but one mom wrote, "I didn't need to worry about finding an empty pail for waste." And for a mom who is constantly taking care of her newborn, that's one less thing she needs to worry about.

6. Watch the baby while mom takes a nap.

Getting some shut eye can be hard to do for new parents, so whenever the opportunity arises, seize it. One mother wrote that she found it "really helpful" when someone was watching the baby while she slept. "I wouldn't really sleep if he was with me because I was on high alert all the time," she wrote.

While mom sleeps, dads could use this time to bond with their little bundle of joy.

7. Keep the house clean.

Many remarked that breastfeeding kept them in bed the majority of the time so things like cleaning the house were not possible and usually far down on their list of priorities. 

8. And probably the best advice of all...

Let him do everything. 

Several veteran moms let Bibliotreka know "that first month, you should literally just hang out in bed with the baby." And after carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth, a month off from household chores is well-deserved.

(H/T: Reddit)

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