The Internet Says This Hurricane Harvey Rescue Photo Captures Humanity At Its Best

"To the white supremacists marching around the world; THANK GOODNESS some people like this #HERO."

Social media is packed with photos showing the devastation Hurricane Harvey (now a tropical storm) has inflicted upon the southeast coast of Texas and parts of Louisiana, but there are also plenty of pictures that depict just how far people are willing to go to help one another in a time of need as the storm continues to dump rain on already flooded swaths of land.

One moving snapshot that's currently making the rounds features a rescue worker carrying two young children through a flooded area. As you can see, the water is nearly up to the rescue worker's waist and the rain is still coming down, but the kids remain safely in his arms.

According to ABC News, the photo, which you can see above, shows a Harris County Sheriff's deputy rescuing two children from high floodwaters in Cypress, Texas.

The compelling picture was first posted by the Twitter account Harris County Sheriff's office on August 27. A subsequent tweet from the HCSO has identified the rescuer as "our brave Deputy R. Johnson."

The moving image has already been shared thousands of times, with many calling Johnson a "hero."

Alison Brettschneider, an author and motivational speaker, shared the snapshot on Instagram on August 27 and helped to explain why it's struck a chord with so many. "This is HUMANITY; this is HOW the world should work...PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE," she began before addressing a much larger issue at play.

"To the white supremacists marching around the world; THANK GOODNESS some people like this #HERO; ignore your ignorant messages and choose to not see color and just help people in it should be," she wrote, adding, "nothing more heart warming than watching humanity in its finest moments." 

In conclusion she said, "A picture is usually worth a thousand words but this one is worth EVERYTHING; can we blow it up and send it to every single idiot marching while THIS man gives us hope."

Many social media users have echoed Brettschneider's sentiments, and some, including comedian Chelsea Handler, have even taken it a step further suggesting the controversial Confederate statues around our country be replaced with a monument to Deputy R. Johnson.

While it's always important to recognize bravery and humanity at its best when we see it, it's also helpful to remember that Deputy R. Johnson is just one of the many heroes assisting those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed, a list that includes Louisiana's Cajun Navy and workers at local Texas breweries.

Another such hero is KHOU 11 News reporter Brandi Smith, who spotted a truck driver trapped in his truck as the water was rapidly rising around him. Smith quickly alerted a different team of Harris County sheriff's deputies who happened to be passing by, and they were able to get to the driver just in time. The dramatic rescue was caught on camera, and it's clear Smith's quick thinking saved the man's life. 

Cover image via Shutterstock / michelmond.


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