After Hurricane Harvey Separated This Son From His Mom, His New School Pulled Off The Perfect Surprise Reunion

"There was not a dry eye in our stands ... "

After Hurricane Harvey, many families have been displaced, relocated, and even separated. Such was the case of Raymond Mays Middle School student Leroy, who moved from Rockport, Texas to stay with extended family in Troy, Texas after the tropical storm hit. His mother, however, was unable to come with him. 

They hadn't seen each other for over six weeks when Leroy entered what he thought was a typical scavenger hunt competition at his new school's pep rally.  After winning first place, Leroy waited to receive his prize. Cheerleaders brought a large cardboard box over to him, and as the video shows, when they lifted it up, he couldn't believe what — or rather, who — was inside. 


When Leroy saw none other than his mom emerge from the box, he was taken aback before embracing her in a long overdue hug. According to Coach Shelley Sirney Martinez, the girl's MS athletic coordinator at Raymond Mays, the duo was also joined in the embrace by Leroy's sister.  "This moment will last a lifetime for all that was around ... Kudos to the staff who was able to pull the surprise off!" she wrote in a Facebook post about the video. "It totally surprised me and made my tears flow." 

Those kudos go to Kasi Hoelscher Jackson, the eighth grade science teacher who masterminded the whole heartwarming moment and chronicled it in the above video, later shared on both her and Martinez's Facebook pages. "There was not a dry eye in our stands on Thursday as we watched a family be reunited," Jackson wrote in the accompanying status. "Such a sweet, wonderful student who we are all going to miss dearly!" 


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