Kevin Hart Begins Social Media Challenge To Help Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Other celebrities are chipping in, too.

There have been social media challenges such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the 22 Push-Up Challenge, and the #Ham4All Challenge meant to raise money and awareness around a cause. Now, actor and dad Kevin Hart is beginning a new one by challenging his celebrity friends to assist with relief efforts for victims of the Tropical Storm Harvey.

Harvey was first classified as a Category 4 hurricane with winds as high as 130 mph upon making landfall Friday night and has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. That said, it has been devastating Texas nonstop since with record flooding and devastation in its wake.

"I think we've participated in a lot of challenges on the internet. Some meaningful, some meaningless, but we've all done 'em. At this point I'm going to start a real challenge," Hart said in an Instagram video, calling for a "serious moment right now" after he had been caught up on the "unbelievable" situation.

The 38-year-old tagged fellow celebrities such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Beyoncé, Chris Rock, Jay-Z, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Harvey, and Justin Timberlake. In the instructions, much like other social media challenges, Hart told his pals to "follow my lead in donating $25,000" to the Red Cross and to "tag somebody else" to keep the chain going.

At this point it is uncertain whether or not any of these people tagged have donated yet — but celebs have been raising awareness on social media. Most notably, in addition to the shout-out during the 2017 MTV VMAs last night, is country star Chris Young. Young, a Texas native, posted an emotional YouTube video in which he revealed his donation of $100,000 to a GoFundMe in benefit to the Red Cross. Houston Texans player JJ Watt and country group Lady Antebellum have donated, too.

In addition to Hart and other celebrities, Harvey has been showing how ordinary people can be heroes. Companies such as Airbnb and Texas breweries have been getting to work in support, and we've seen everyone from dogs, local news reporters, and Mexico rush to help those in need.

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