The Curviest Model To Pose For 'Sports Illustrated's' Swimsuit Issue Has A Message For Her Haters

We're all beautiful.

When Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady was 16 years old, she was a size 2. And she was told she was fat every single day.

It's no secret that society has incredibly unrealistic (and often unhealthy) expectations surrounding both the male and female bodies. And for McGrady, this manifested when she was turned away from a fashion shoot because of the size of her hips.

"They said that I was much bigger than they thought and I was fine everywhere else but if I just had smaller hips, they would photograph me that day," she says in a video for Today

Because of that, she hated her hips for holding her back from what she wanted to do. 

But this year, McGrady became the curviest model to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and she says it's because of her hips. 

Moreover, her appearance in the issue reminded people that they should love their own bodies, too:

"That she chose to pose so strongly, broadly, and decisively in the body that she has ... is the really inspiring thing about these images. I've spent my entire life trying to find ways to take up less space — but the bottom line is, I'm big. Hunter McGrady is too, and these images remind me that looking big can mean looking pretty fucking great," Amanda Richards writes i n an article for Bustle


Now, in her video with Today, McGrady has a message for those bullies and trolls who try to bring her down:

"I pray for you every single day because I know that it comes from a place of insecurity and I understand it."

McGrady also shares her favorite and unexpected outfits as well as a message to her younger self, which people all over the world need to hear.

Check it out in full below:


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