New Video Of A Model Getting Her Hair And Makeup Done To Match The Style Of Every Decade From 1910 To 2010

History of beauty in a nutshell, Pt. II.

It's been a month since Cut Video released their viral time-lapse "100 Years of Beauty" and made us all cringe at how classy women's hairstyles looked back in the day. 

Now the team is back with a second version, where model Marshay undergoes hairstyle and makeup transformations to match the beauty trends from 1910 to 2010.


You can even take a look at the video below and compare the differences in the two transformations side-by-side. 

All we know is that we love the style of the 1950s and can't stop thinking of what the next hundred years will bring.

To read more about the evolution of our beauty standards, take a look at this article: A Look At The History Of Women's Beauty.

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