She Thought She'd Been Friend Zoned, But Her Crush Surprised Her With A Bit Of Courage And A Coin Toss

Heads or tails?

Sitting on a park bench, a young couple opens up about their first kiss to Humans of New York.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, a speaker, presumably the girl on the right, recalls feeling like she would remain in the friend zone with her fifth-grade crush for an unforeseeable amount of time. But years later, with the flip of the coin, she and her crush would share a special moment together.

Their story goes:

"I'd been harboring a crush on him since 5th grade. But I thought: 'I'm gonna be in the friend zone for a long time.' Because I'm normally not the kind of person who's liked in that way. But I thought, 'Go for it.' So I started flirting. I'd say things like, 'You look nice.' Or 'I like your hair.' Then we started going to different high schools, so we started texting a lot. And every once in awhile I'd use a heart emoji. Or a kiss emoji. And if he ever had to dress in a suit, he'd send me a picture. So things were going well. Then one day I had an orthodontist appointment near his school and we decided to meet at Starbucks. After his mom dropped him off, we went on a walk by the stream. Then we sat on a bench. And I saw him flip a coin. So I thought he was bored. But right after, he gave me a kiss."


And while the flip of a coin may not always be the best way to to make decisions, it seems to have brought a little bit of luck (and fate) to this particular pair. 


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