This Woman Won't Let Negative Life Experiences Stop Her From Pursing Her Dream To Help Others

"Somebody out there is waiting for me to finish because they need my help."

For one woman in New York City, years of setbacks haven't stopped her from pursuing her dreams. 

In a Humans of New York (HONY) Facebook post, one woman opens up about always wanting to be a mental health therapist, but various circumstances in her life forced her to put that goal on hold. "I lost my way," she says, adding that she battled 10 years of drug addiction, became pregnant, and missed out on an opportunity to go to school. But "I never completely lost my dream," she says, "I just put it on a shelf for thirty years."

But five years ago, after hearing about a woman in her choir talking about attending community college, she decided to fill out an application too. 

"I was so nervous the first day of class. All the old voices were telling me: 'You never finish anything.' But I said 'fuck you' to the old voices. And I started getting A's."


And at 50 years old, she graduated from college. At 55, she received her Masters. And just this week, she completed a course in mental health first aid.

"I'm so close now. There's still fear there. I used to be afraid of it never happening. Now I'm afraid of it happening. The old voices try to come back sometimes," she tells HONY. "They tell me: 'You can rest,' or 'You've earned a break.' But I'm not stopping this time. Somebody out there is waiting for me to finish because they need my help."

Her story proves it's never too late to follow your dreams. 


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