10 Things We Can Learn from "Humans of New York"

Ordinary people with extraordinary thoughts.

1. Having a difficult time? We've all been there.


Humans of New York is a street portrait blog by New York-based photographer Brandon Stanton. If you don't already "like" his page on Facebook, I'll bet you a dime that you will by the time you're done reading this. 

On the blog, there are over 5000 portraits and stories of people like you and me. I struggled to only pick ten because I want to share them all. 

Once you start going through the photos and reading the personal captions, it's very hard to stop. Often times you will be looking at a stranger, and suddenly you will see a reflection of yourself. 

4. It may be a bumpy road, but you never know who you're going to meet along the way!

Mr. Ferrarii has Instagram! @Mr.Ferrarii

7. It's good to be independent, but it's nice to have friends. (It's also nice to be a friend.)

9. Sometimes you have to fight for the things you love.

11. It's never too late to change your career.

13. We should all still "get giddy" about the little things.

15. Sometimes, it's okay to get off-topic.

17. Always believe in yourself.

19. Don't forget to believe in others and be there for them too.

21. And, sometimes, no captions are needed because there are no words to describe what has happened.


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