How A Community Came Together To Help A Local Bookstore Move Its Inventory

"We are of, and for, our community."

A community in England recently came together to help a local bookstore move its inventory, and they chose a brilliantly efficient method. HuffPost reports that around 250 volunteers in Southampton formed a human chain on Sunday to pass approximately 2,000 books along the 500 feet between the old stockroom and its new location. According to Twitter, it only took an hour.


The nonprofit cooperative, called October Books, recently had to relocate following a rent increase at its old location. It reportedly raised about $640,000 for the new space, partly thanks to crowdfunding and donations — proving this community is willing to show up in more ways than one.

"I get quite emotional thinking about the amazing people who have come out to support us so far," shop volunteer Clare Diaper told BBC News of Sunday's group effort. "There were local cafe owners, people from the local shops, families and general passers-by, including those who were standing at the bus stop."

The store plans to open at its new location on Saturday, and reportedly still has about 18,000 books left for 30 volunteers to move. According to CNN, there are still "lift and shift" volunteer spots open this week.

As Diaper told HuffPost of October Books' more than 40-year history, "We are of, and for, our community and it is truly heartening to see that reciprocated."

BBC News reports that the store's new location in an old bank building will also be home to three community rooms which can be rented out to local organizations. The first floor, meanwhile, will be rented to the Society of St. James to provide long-term living for homeless people.

It may not be as dramatic as a human chain during a flood, but Sunday's gesture demonstrates what can be achieved when people work together.


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