The U.S.-Mexico Border Was Opened For Just 3 Minutes, Giving These Families The Most Emotional Reunions

"It has been 14 years since I've seen my father. It is a blessing to be here."

It can be tough to be separated from our loved ones for a few days, so imagine what it would be like to be away from them for years. Sadly, that is the case for many families who are divided between Mexico and the United States. They can go for years, if not decades, without seeing those dear to them.

The Border Network of Human Rights, a human rights advocacy organization, helped reunite family members on both sides of the border as part of its #HugsNotWalls campaign. The organization helped open the border between Mexico and the United States for three minutes so families could hug, kiss, and spend a few precious moments together.


Get your tissues out, because watching the video of the families reuniting will make you super emotional.

Mexico residents wore white while United States residents wore blue. They gathered on both sides of the border in the Grande Rio Canal area where they were able to finally see in other.

One United States resident said, "It has been 14 years since I've seen my father. It is a blessing to be here, a blessing."

Three minutes might not seem like a lot, but to the families who had been separated for years, those precious minutes together were everything.

This is the second event held by the Border Network for Human Rights. The first one was held in August 2016, and the organization hopes to do more. On its website, the Border Network for Human Rights writes that the event is an "act of love and protest to denounce U.S. border and immigration strategies that have deported millions of immigrant workers and dramatically separated families."

The #HugsNotWalls events are especially important given the anti-immigration campaigns of the election. The event shows what walls can do to loving families and why we must think about political alternatives when it comes to immigration.   

Though this complicated issue is multilayered, one Facebook commenter on the Now This News Facebook page put it simply: "I do not believe in a wall that separates families. We are only one race, and that is human. Why should we believe in these barriers?"

Families are meant to be together, not separated.


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