Innovative Invention Allows Mom To Feel Babies Kick Inside Her Surrogate. Watch The Emotional Moment.

“To feel them and have them move inside me and feel a kick ― that’s something I”ll never be able to experience.”

Sharde is incredibly grateful to be cancer-free for five years and counting, but her battle with the disease left her unable to carry her own child. With the help of a surrogate mother, however, Sharde and her husband Jake are expecting twin daughters. 

In an emotional advertisement for Huggies, Sharde shares some of the aspects of pregnancy she feels like she's missing out on. 

"I did always imagine that I'd be pregnant and experience the kicks and morning sickness or the different food cravings, but that didn't happen," she said in the video. "To feel them and have them move inside me and feel a kick ― that's something I"ll never be able to experience." 

The team at Huggies knew there was something they could do to help Sharde feel connected to her daughters through their movements. So, they gave her the Hug Belt — a wrap-around belly band that uses electronic sensors to allow the wearer to feel a baby's movements in utero, right alongside the woman who is actually pregnant. The Hug Belt was originally developed with dads in mind, but it's clear that it can be beneficial for others as well. 

When Sharde puts it on and feels her girls kick for the first time, she can't help but get emotional. The moment is a beautiful example of how innovative technologies can help bring us together. 

You can watch the entire video below: 


The video was posted to the Huggies Facebook page where it was met with praise and appreciation. 

One commenter shared that she was worried she'd never feel her own baby kick after she experienced two miscarriages. But is finally 23 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. "Feeling her kick for the first time is a feeling I won't ever be able to explain," she wrote. "So I'm loving that there is technology for moms who don't get to experience that." 

"Thank u [sic] for doing this for this woman," another commenter wrote. "There is nothing like feeling your baby moving inside u [sic] in this world ... Feeling my daughter move in my belly was the only time I truly enjoyed pregnancy and I miss it sometimes. I wish I would've savored it more." 

The Hug Belt is not currently available for purchase in stores, but a team of Huggies technicians travel the world to offer the experience for families in special situations such as Sharde's. 


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