Parents Thank NICU Nurses For The Life-Changing Work They Do

"Every year, roughly half a million babies born in the United States wind up in the neonatal intensive care unit."

More than 500,000 babies are born preterm, before 37 weeks of pregnancy in the United States, according to the World Health Organization. (WHO) These babies often spend extended periods of time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) because preemies are susceptible to many health problems after birth that can affect them in long-term ways. The time babies spend in the NICU can be extremely stressful and scary for parents, but the nurses tending to their children help to make things a little easier. 


The family blog Story of This Life teamed up with Huggies to re-connect three families with their NICU nurses so that they could get the opportunity to thank them for the life changing work they do every day. In a heartwarming video, nurses explained what taking care of children in the NICU can be like.

"Hugs and touch and cuddling and rocking are so important for these babies because so many of them are in our unit for a long time. Many of them don't see their parents on a regular basis," one nurse said.

"The parents can't be there. We know they can't be there 24/7. They have other children, they have other jobs," another nurse said. However, the nurses are there for the preemies when their parents can't be.  

Some of the nurses shared their favorite memories with the babies they've cared for which included milestones such as having their first skin-to-skin contact with their father, taking their first bath in a tub, and smiling. Seeing the children come back happy and healthy makes all of their hard work all the more worth it. 

"Parents frequently thanked us for what we do in the NICU, but it really is a privilege that we don't take lightly," one nurse said. 

Watch the sweet video below. 

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