#HowYouCouldHelpIn5Words Shows How The Smallest Things Make A Difference

"Showing people that they matter."

Sometimes, the tiniest actions can make all the difference. To show what kind of small things you can do to help others, people are taking to Twitter and using the hashtag #HowYouCouldHelpIn5Words.  

As of August 27, the hashtag already has 11.5K tweets, and people are offering a wide range of advice. From simply lending a helping hand, to adjusting your attitude, to practicing a little self-care, there are so many ways you can make the world a better place through small actions. 

Here are 19 tweets that show how a bit of help can go a long way.


1. Acknowledge others.

2. Watch out for those around you.

3. Make connections.

4. Practice self-love.

5. Don't be judgmental.

6. Show empathy.

7. Remember yourself.

8. Donate blood.

9. Take action.

10. Help a shelter animal.

11. Keep calm.

12. Consider the environment.

13. Find a cause to support.

14. Go out and do some good.

15. Be respectful of nature.

16. Smile.

17. Cast your vote.

18. Be a friend that's there.

19. Be kind online.

Cover image via  Rawpixel.com I Shutterstock


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