These Couples Were Separated And Asked How They Met. Their Stories Didn't Exactly Match Up.

Who's telling it like it is?

If you've ever heard the song "Summer Nights" from the movie Grease, then you know that two people can recount the same experience in two completely different ways. 

And that's precisely what the team behind Glamour Magazine set out to prove. In their latest video, three couples were put to the test when the partners were separated, and then asked to tell the story of how they met their beau. 

When one person's versions of events don't quite match up with their partner's, it's both hilarious and adorable. 

Scroll down to see the entire video below.


"She would say that I followed her around," one of the guys in the video tells.

"He followed me around," his girlfriend says without even thinking twice.

Watch the entire video below:


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