How The Election's Affecting Our Emotional Well-Being, According To Science

It's a very important time of year.

It's almost election day, and with that comes some added stress on Americans. 

In fact, an August 2016 study shows that "52 percent of people said the election was a 'very' or 'somewhat' significant source of stress in the lives," Happify reports.

Happify, a website and app with science-based activities to help us lead happier, healthier lives, recently released an infographic entitled "How Elections Affect Your Emotional Well-Being," which includes the aforementioned study and other relevant information regarding voters and their happiness.

One interesting point from the infographic is that voting can actually make us "feel happier because we feel connected to people with whom we agree."

Take a look at the infographic below and please, don't forget to vote on November 8!


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